Reference Lab Services

Reference Laboratory Services

Kashi Clinical Laboratories utilizes state of the art technology to offer an extensive panel of laboratory services including exome sequencing, HLA/Transplant, SNP genotyping, and targeted sequencing.  As a CLIA-certified laboratory and Certified Services Provider of Ion Torrent, our experienced personnel offer unsurpassed laboratory testing an accurate reporting you can trust.

Exome Sequencing

Kashi Clinical Laboratories is a Life Technologies certified service provider for Ion Ampliseq Exome Sequencing. This certification indicates that the sequencing data generated by our laboratory meets a high quality standard. Using the Ion Proton platform and its straightforward technical approach also allows for a rapid turnaround time.

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HLA Testing

Kashi Clinical Laboratories is equipped and professionally staffed to fulfill all your HLA testing needs. Our HLA board-certified scientists and other highly qualified personnel, many with doctoral degrees in biological sciences, assist in interpretation of results and provide consultation on follow-up testing. Kashi is both CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments)–licensed and accredited for histocompatibility testing by the American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI).

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SNP Genotyping

Kashi Clinical Laboratories can help with your SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism) experiments using QuantStudio Real-Time PCR instrumentation. This platform not only detects the amount of fluorescence through each cycle of polymerase chain reactions, it confidently distinguishes between more ambiguous genotypes. It also provides the option of real-time data, allowing for higher sensitivity with lower DNA input, more accurate analysis of results, and faster productivity.

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Targeted Sequencing

Kashi Clinical Laboratories can give breadth and flexibility to your genetic analysis using targeted sequencing technologies with the Ion PGM or Proton System. Targeted sequencing enables scientists to pinpoint and magnify specific regions within the human genome. Such targeted analysis is ideal for clinical research by increasing cost-effectiveness, throughput, and scalability.

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